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At Photos Fall we all are passionate for Photos. We go extra mile for searching the most relevant photos people are looking for.

We hand pick photos, in quest to perfection of satisfying people need.

  • Mrityunjay Kumar

    Mrityunjay is lifelong fan of film and music. His love for film was so high, when he was in school, he collect his pocket money to watch movie in theatre and buy music cassette tapes. As he grown his passion for film and music had increased day by day. He love watching all kinds of movie from all parts of world. He is editor in chief for Last Shot film and music news website. When is not working on Last Shot, he must be busy in developing software. You can contact him through email - contact at lastshot.in
  • Tamanna

    Tamanna Singh is hindi movie and music enthusiast who follow it like breathing. She is working as senior author for Last Shot. When she is not writing for Last Shot, she get her self busy in watching movies and listening songs. You can contact her through email - priya at lastshot.in

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